AWal hails from the east, bringing a sound that is both fast and energetic. Be sure to bring your kandi and glowsticks because his show is definitely not one to miss.


Hello everybody, I'm AchieveHunter1 and I'm happy to be here with all of you. I'm just a regular guy who likes to do different things in life. I'm originally known for Video Vlogs for Conventions on YouTube to wherever Conventions I go to. I also love to Perform on the Renegade Stage as a DJ for everyone who loves Music. I'm hoping to see you all at any Convention wherever I go to.


Acid Applejack

Hard dance DJ set with some Hardstyle and UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore for you guys


Hi. I'm BlueIntellect.
I play heavy dubstep food people to headbang to.

Bolt the Super-Pony

Get ready for spooky classic Pony hits and new favorites, all tested for maximum dance-ability and performed live! Requests will be taken!

DJ SoundBreaker

Hii all i'm benoit aka DJ SoundBreaker, I practice since 2022, i'm disabled and is my first event here I hope you will enjoy my mix


DoTheDaringDew is a rock and acoustic musician from Dallas, Texas who plans on starting his own music business soon. He fell in love with the show back in early 2012 and since then, has performed at numerous pony conventions over the years, including past PonyFests! This water-carrying, hat-wearing horse brings a fun and passionate energy to the fandom he dearly loves, and has a blast with these online concerts!

Kakofonous A. Dischord

Hiya! I am Kakofonous A. Dischord, audio experimentalist! I am one third of the Pinkamena Party staff! Over 10 years ago, our compilation began as a parody of the popular Balloon Party compilation, but we outgrew and outlived their first run! Focused on Hardcore Techno and Noise Music, we push the boundaries with our 18+ theming and electric styles. There is quite literally something for everypony in the Pinkamena Party. Join me on this audio assault on your eardrums!!!11 >:3 logo by Sgrt. Moon


MC-Arch is a hiphop artist all the way from the Netherlands, who has a Passion for these Ponies. Him not being a Brony anymore, DOESN'T stop him from spreading that Love, hope, and joy to the crowd. Come celebrate with him what the Fandom is capable off and let's build that Bridge!


Nicholas Dominique



Hello everyone! I am Pipetka, a famous musician and composer originally from the CIS. I write various kinds of music, ranging from electronic style to cinematic orchestra. I've only recently started on this path, but I've already got my own fanbase. Slowly but surely, I am moving towards my goal of becoming a recognizable broni musician.
I will continue to try and please you all with my music.


Some dork who likes fast music


One of the few Finnish Bronies left who didn’t leave for the Anime- or Furry Fandom. In 2020 he started DJ'ing, performing at various online events, and co-founded an online pony music festival, all with the goal of spreading the magic of our fandoms music to anyone willing to listen. You can expect to hear either some Drum and Bass or a mix of various electronic genres, usually getting faster as it goes on.



Tune in for an hour of heavy, melodic, and rowdy electronic music from RezKue! celebrating the 13th Anniversary of PVFM.



SCR4TCHK4T presents: Hyper Heaven! A playful mix that features all sorts of hyperpop and happy hardcore tracks that are sure to be enjoyed by everypony! ♡



Yarr! The name's Captain Thrack and ya best believe I be creating the pony themed pirate music for the past year! Join me and friends in these shanties and be ready for a few spooky acoustic surprises mixed into my jumble of a rock/acoustic/piratey set.


Thunder_Kick is a hardcore and drum 'n bass DJ currently doing weekly shows on PonyvilleFM, and recently getting into the online VR scene. Active since 2018, she always performs live when possible.

Trey Husk

Trey Husk is a Music Producer and DJ based out of Columbus, Ohio. He has been up and coming in the Brony and Furry fandoms, with various music releases on Ponies At Dawn, and many live performances at fan conventions across the country, from HarmonyCon to AnthroCon. Prepare to get lost in the sound, with his mix of uplifting dance and feel good vibes.



Celebrating 13 years of PVFM and 10 years of ƥRYZ, join us for an immersive earth-shattering experience of high-energy, melodic dance music.