About PonyFest Online!

Right! We know what you’re thinking: What the hay is PonyFest Online? Where did you come from? This wasn’t a thing a week ago!

You’d be right! PonyFest Online is an online Pony Convention with a one-week turnaround - Our entire organization, schedule, everything has been built this week! We were inspired by Ruef’s awesome online Vendor Hall for our friends and family who’ve been directly hurt by the loss of in-person pony conventions.

PonyFest Online is a celebration of our community, a space for us to come together in challenging times and find a way to love, live, and laugh together while we’re all indoors keeping each other safe.

We’re going to present a full day including:

  1. A vendor hall for you to buy awesome things and support our amazing content creators!
  2. A full Mane Events panel schedule from 10:00 AM - 3:30 AM EST with awesome Community Guests!
  3. Video Gaming & Tabletop spaces with both official events as well an encouraging everyone to run their own games and play together!
  4. Come and watch Panelist, Artist & Musicians this week on both of our stages!
  5. Open chat & voice channels for community-driven content

This Saturday, come join us and spend all day with your fellow friends and fans! Together, well once again demonstrate that Friendship is Magic!