I make a little bit of everything, from enamel pins to blankets, dakis to stickers and more! New projects include more pride pins, dinosaur mayhem and an OC pin club.Feel free to pop me a message during the con, I’d love to chat and answer any questions you might have!


Howdy from Texas! I'm MidPrem, coming at you with a selection of MLP charms, facemasks, and enamel pins; Animal Crossing and Pokemon collectibles; and exclusive Mystery Boxes and Commissions (Digital and Traditional)! Stop by for first dibs on my new stock!


We are Baja & KaijuRiot providing merchandise made for the fandom with love, providing mainly MLP merchandise such as our Signature series of prints, Hard & Soft Enamel pins, Consent badges, Charms, Handfans, A personal meet n greet w/Baja and more to explore during this spooky time of the year! More about Baja Professional Illustrator, Entertainer, and OFFICIAL Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ Super-Fan Baja’s been producing Illustrations for clients full time since 2019, while also producing illustrations for Pop Culture/ Fandom Conventions all over the world and a Vendor and Panelist. While Illustration is Baja’s main profession, they’ve done Voice Over, Prop Design and BG for animation and audiobook productions. In their free time, they are streaming as a V-Tuber on Twitch, and drinking Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™

Gleamy Dreams

Pins, plushies and all sorts of other perusable things! I sell a very large variety of things ranging from enamel pins, 18" and 36" size handsewn plushies, keychains, mousepads, glassware, metal tumblers, original traditional art pieces, T-shirts, bags, etc. Most of these things are even manufactured at home using my own printers and heat presses, and I love answering questions about the production processes! I love to do a lot of different things, I always keep the variety growing and changing from event to event, so even if you've seen my stuff before, you haven't seen my new stuff!


I sell cute and colorful charms, enamel pins, and stickers! I have an ever growing keychain series that includes 60+ different MLP characters, so if you're looking for a particular or even obscure character, I may have them in stock!

Art N Prints

Delighting pony enthusiasts since 2012, I produce and sell an exceptional array of sublimation printed Pony products. My collection showcases designs by a wide veriety of fan artists, my product selction comprises of everything from snuggly blankets and expressive SFW body pillows to stylish coasters and sun-loving beach towels. Furthermore, glasses cleaning cloths, and comforting bed pillows. Also check out our special glow-under-blacklight t-shirts featuring SOOO many Pony designs. With our offerings, you can effortlessly 'Ponyfy' your home, wardrobe, and day-to-day life. Only for those items beyond my production capacity, I partner with a trusted network of production partners who share my commitment to excellence. I am proud to collaborate closely with various fandom artists, bringing you a constant influx of magnificent products.

WindyKirin Art

Hi! I'm Windy! I sell a collection of items including Pins, Prints, Stickers, and Re-usable sticker books! Thank you for taking the time to look at my shop! <3

Hibiscus Stitch

Hibiscus Stitch has been sewing since 2005 and has been with the fandom since the start. She makes professionally designed and lovingly hand crafted plushies of all sizes as well as con vlogs and TikTok making of plush videos.

Katie's Artsy Crafts

Katie's Artsy Crafts has a variety of pone. Handmade chibi plushies! Original artwork, con badges, Cutie Mark zip pouches, cushions, keychains and pins. Also other goodies such as prints, stickers, magnets, bookmarks and button badges!

SpK's Stash

Do you like Ponies? We got them! Do you like Vtubers? Those too! Or at least a good few, hehe 😉 Once a simple sparkly unicorn, now on the road to becoming a famous Youkai Vtuber! But more on that later… I take art commissions, I have some new acrylic accessories, I can frame and print drawn out pictures (depending on size) and can even draw G5 style 3D*ish* ponies!!! Come and take a look!

My Little Ties

I play with lasers and also make ties! From metal drinkware and fine jewelry to ties and bow-ties! I have ties, mugs, shot-glasses, wallets, keychains, bracelets, dice tins, badges - acrylic and LED light up, pendants, microfiber cloths, coins, pocket watches, keyboard keycaps, lighters, pins, ninja headbands and more!

Christomancer Comics (Out of Work Derpy)

Welcome to ChristoMancer Comics! I'm Christomancer and I am the creator of the webcomic "Out of Work Derpy"! I have physical copies of my comics for sale along with prints, stickers, buttons, TSSF cards, special Trixie Magic Show Cards and more! I'll also be taking commissions on a first come first served basis! And if you buy a comic you get a free surprise!

Geeky Pins N Things

Come down to my small shop to find some unique pins and pin accessories! Merch that’s new and haven’t quite been seen before. Find pins, lightsticks, charms and so much more!

ISABrony Artists

Iowa State Area Brony Artists are here to wow with our variety of arts and crafts. From paintings, to wood burnings, to charms, to prints, and even stickers - ISABrony Artists are here for your merchandise fix with a homey twist!

Red Palette Art

My name is Red Palette Art and I specialize in my Little Pony and other fandom genres. At my booth you'll find things like acrylic keychains, original art prints, lanyards, vinyl die cut stickers, phone grips, cell phone charms, and much more! Here at Red Palette Art there's a little something for everyone - and especially those who like RATS!

Sky Railroad

A little bit of everything. From Cocktail recipes to our own homebrew card game Prance. SFW Daki's, pillowcases, stickers, charms, lanyards, and of course Spices. Whatever we wanna make, we do! And then show it off to all you.

Candled with Care

Enjoy the wonderful scents of Equestria with our selection of hand poured pony candles. Each candle features a unique scent featuring some of your favorite characters. Come by and check out our lovely selection of colorful candles!

Catty The Art Cat

Hello everypony!! I'm Catty, a fellur artist and spirit witch. I'll be selling commissions, adopts/customs, YCHs, and RedBubble stuff! There'll also be special sales for donations and such!

L’Jenndary Shores

Off the southernmost coast of Equestria lies a sun-kissed archipelago where sea salt in your mane and a “beachy” attitude are just a way of life. Despite its carefree reputation, that hasn’t stopped the courageous wanderer from venturing beyond the wild waves and perusing through the rare treasures shimmering along the coastline. Through shelves lined top-to-bottom with fun pieces featuring artwork by yours truly, L'Jenndary Shores is sure to spark your fancy.