Candled with Care

Enjoy the wonderful scents of Equestria with our selection of hand poured pony candles. Each candle features a unique scent featuring some of your favorite characters. Come by and check out our lovely selection of colorful candles!

Corey's Corner

Pillows, plushies, acrylic charms, enamel pins, and facemasks for every geek and fandom from anime to video games and lots of ponies! If you want to cuddle up with a carry along style Luna or wake up with the iconic beginning with Ralof from Skyrim, I have you covered! The most popular thing I carry are the Discordant Harmony pillows that were seen in the show in real life form! But I also offer many other unique pony things like GummyLoki.

CosmicKeyframe Productions

Welcome! I sell prints, posters, buttons and handmade shadowboxes! If you're looking for MLP, My Hero, or Pokemon, Im your one stop shop!


Check out my Etsy store for plushies, keychains, buttons, stickers and prints, all done with my art! I also have a 15% discount on any digital commissions requested during ponyfest and a rare opportunity to commission traditional art from me outside of physical conventions!

Earth-Pony Creations

Earth-Pony is an artisan crafter creating wooden wall art, figurines and cosplay accessories, all done with a laser cutter! Check out the collection of characters and show locations made in collaboration with artists from around the fandom.


Hoi Im Exo and I love to draw ponies and make different types of pony merch or other cute stuff <3 You can get from me stickers, prints, buttons, magnets and other cool stuff that this blue horsemade all by herself c:


Get your fantastical pony merch here! We have a variety of apparel, keychains, body pillows, and more. Sport a comfy shirt or get cozy with a pillow featuring your favorite character.


Do you like cute poners? Do they make your heart sing? This is the shop for you~ We've got poners of all shape, sizes and levels of snowpity. Buy all your mare wares here.

Geeky Pins N Things

I specialize in Enamel Pins and pin accessories! Come find some jumbo pins of your favorite ponies and more! Love pins but don’t have a way to display them? You’ve come to the right place! Stop and take a look at different displays and even a special pony themed bag!

Gleamy Dreams

'Ello! I'm Gleamy Dreams, maybe you've heard of me, maybe you haven't but I sell stuff! Particularly, I'm selling some shiny stuff online! I will have a large selection of hard enamel pins for the online event as well as some handsewn 16" plushies of you're hunting for a new best friend to call your very own!

Haywaiian Horse Productions

My name is Miss Mele and I am an artist who sells at various MLP fan conventions all over the domestic United State's. Here at Haywaiian Horse Productions, we pride ourselves in cute pony knick knacks and creativity to bring new and exciting things to the fandom. Here you'll find exclusive enamel pins, acrylic charms, portable drinkware, art, pillows, stickers and SO MUCH MORE! If you can think it, we probably have it 😉 Stop on by and say hi!

Hibiscus Stitch

Hibiscus Stitch creates expertly designed and loving crafted plushies of all shapes and sizes! Plush are designed to be soft and last through con travel, cuddles, and more.

Jelly Sketch

Prints, stickers, keychains & other merch with ponies and more!


A lot of cool and adorable stuff here! From buttons, openers and charms to pillow cases, pencil cases and mousepads! I have magnets, stickers, mug coasters, lanyards and washi tapes with the best and cutest artworks of mine!... also... did someone say commissions? ♥

Katie's Artsy Crafts

Katie's Artsy Crafts has a variety of pone! Art, including prints, and traditional one of a kind con badges. Lots of handcrafts- magnets, stickers, button badges, bookmarks & keychains. Cutie Mark pin badges, necklaces, pouches & cushions. Lastly, adorable custom chibi plush!

L'Jenndary Shores

Off the southernmost coast of Equestria lies a sun-kissed archipelago where sea salt in your mane and a “beachy” attitude are just a way of life. Despite its carefree reputation, that hasn’t stopped the courageous wanderer from venturing beyond the wild waves and perusing through the rare treasures shimmering along the coastline. Through shelves lined top-to-bottom with fun pieces featuring artwork by yours truly, L'Jenndary Shores is sure to spark your fancy.

lRUSUart and friends

From artists lRUSU, Anticular and NekoSnicker! Stickers, buttons, prints, enamel pins, keychains and more!


Handmade plush accessories, acrylic charms, lanyards, stickers, buttons, sewing pattern (special discount during PonyFest Online!)


Howdy from Texas! I'm MidPrem, coming at you with a selection of MLP charms, facemasks, and enamel pins; Animal Crossing and Pokemon collectibles; and exclusive Mystery Boxes and Commissions (Digital and Traditional)! Grab a custom Mystery Box or ask about commissions!

My Little Ties

All sorts of fun and fancy stuff, formalwear to drinkware, and then some! Ties, bow-ties, jewelry (sterling silver, steel, and titanium), mugs, shotglasses lighters, keycaps, LED acrylic badges, dice, coins, bracelets, titanium bottle openers, omamori (Japanese good luck charms), dog tags, keychains, wood magnets, and pins of all types!

Ponies At Dawn

Ponies At Dawn are your one stop shop for the best music the fandom has to offer, with compilation albums regularly releasing full of music created by amazing artists all over the world. On top of our musical offerings, a variety of themed merchandise is available on our Redbubble store including clothing, stickers, mouse pads and more!


Commissions, prints, stickers

Red Palette Art

My shop is quite well rounded with a main focus on My Little Pony G4 & G5. I sell my own artwork and merch from many other fandoms including: Pokemon, V-Tubers, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Smiling Friends, Cute Animals, and LOTS of Rats. You'll find a wide variety of merch items including acrylic keychains and pins, high quality art prints, buttons, lanyards, vinyl stickers, books, and much more! Please come by for a look.


Known for Prance, a card game of fast reflexes and slapping.....AND Booze. We are the home of the MLP Cocktail collection, on plastic waterproof cards. We're literally always adding new things, from booze accessories, and lanyards too Dakimakura and keychains. We also have a wide variety of unholy things that probably shouldn't exist such as Pony toilet paper covers and eye masks to make you look like a horse. WHY? Simply because we can.

Sophie Scruggs

I sell MLP enamel pins and plushies!


Hi, I'm spacekitsch! I sell cute and colorful enamel pins, charms, stickers, and more!

The Chimera's Den

Hi hello and welcome to The Chimera's Den! My name is Chimera and I love to make art and merchandise to share with everyone! I'm a Hatsune Miku enthusiast and am in a variety of fandoms so I hope that you see something to your liking!


TokoKamiArts Shop: Find awesome merch of your favorite characters from mlp, digimon and many other cartoons in our shop here! Check out the newest items such as moodbadges, keychains and snowglobes besides many other items such as buttons, pins, prints & posters, wallets, cuddly blankets and much more. Custom merch as well as commissions are also open! Contact Telegram @TokoKami


TomoCreations sells prints, charms, lanyards, pins, shirts, commissions and some pillows stickers of personal artwork and fanart. Original creations includes Monster girls, reptiles and original characters.

Vederlicht Art

I sell many different kinds of merchandise, from buttons to stickers, from stationary to jewelry, from cute to absolutely silly. Many trinkets are handmade and one-of-a-kind. From gen 1 up until gen 5, I have a little bit of everything for everyone.