Heyo! I'm Prince!

MLP themed rock & metal musician since 2011 with no plans to stop... Ever!
If you like high-energy rock tunes then I'm your guy! >:D

See you in the pit! \,,/,


The Self proclaimed King of Progressive House in the current day Pony Fandom will be bringing you nothing but the best music of the Pony EDM scene!


The goofballs with kazoos, the monsters that brought you "fuf", the makers of funny horse noises; it's not your grandmother's ponies; it's RIFFPONIES! Straight from the armpit of the country known as New Jersey comes the snarkiest pair of pony panelists in the fandom, led by Pony panelist extraordinaire Thoth Penswell & Pony fan-artist/animator Acesential! From mocking bad pony cartoons, to making YOU read bad fanfiction, to crowning the fandom's "Next Top Artist" and much much more, 11 out of 10 horse doctors STILL agree: RiffPonies is guaranteed to deliver you plenty of laughs and plenty of surprises!


Resident old git that runs online radio stations and does audio/video, AR and VR education. I'm also that teacher you always wanted in school.


A family-friendly My Little Pony Discord community, focused primarily on the adorableness and wholesomeness of the fandom, bringing people together with weekly events everyone can enjoy.