Charity T-Shirt

image of shirt charity shirt, front and back

For our charity effort, PonyFest presents something a little different this time - A shirt fundraiser! To support our cause, simply buy our fabulous concert shirt at our CustomInk fundraiser. All profits go directly to our charity, the Coalition For The Homeless in New York, and you receive some super neat PonyFest merch, as designed by the fantastic Techycutie. Everyone wins!

However, there is a small catch - To make sure that these shirts get printed, we need to sell at least 30 in total. After that, the sky’s the limit, and every cent helps people in real need. Bring some hype and spread the word, so we can make these shirts a reality!

Buy the shirts on CustomInk!


Q: Are there only 50 shirts available?

A: No, there are an infinite number of shirts to be had! 50 is just an initial goal, and one we would very much like to beat!

Q: Do these shirts ship internationally?

A: Yes! Printing, processing and shipping is directly handled by CustomInk, and they offer worldwide shipping!

Q: Does the shirt come in a different fit?

A: Unfortunately not! We offer the shirt at a unisex fit, avaible in sizes YXS to 4XL. Please check out the fundraiser page for a more detailed sizing guide!