PonyFest Charity Auction

PonyFest Online! 4.0’s charity auction benefited NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


PONYFEST IS IN NO WAY LIABLE FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS MADE DURING THE AUCTION! PonyFest as a group does not handle the money or auction items in any way, shape or form. The donation of money and the shipping of items is arranged between the specific individuals involved. PonyFest simply facilitates the contact between the parties involved. PonyFest is not able to assist in the case of items being lost, damaged or otherwise impacted in transit.


The BronyCon Ultra Swag Box

Emily from shipfic.co (USA)

More BronyCon swag than you can shake a stick at! Includes assorted programmes, badges, access passes, lanyards, keycards, buttons, keychains, shot glasses, pins, stickers, a plushie, and more!

"Magic Pegasus Snowball" Fan Comic

bakertoons (USA)

This is a fan-made comic by bakertoons (MAD Magazine, SpongeBob Comics) featuring Rainbow Dash and Applejack getting into snowball fight! It’s drawn on 11x17 Bristol Board with archival ink!

"Nevergreen Forest" 7-page MLP Fan Comic

bakertoons (USA)

This is a 7-page comic drawn by Bakertoons (SpongeBob Comics, MAD Magazine) featuring a group of ponies that was created for a printed charity book “Bound Together”, where a group of Pony fanartists got together to contribute artwork and stories!

All 7 pages were drawn on 11x17 cardstock. The last page has some paper warping in the bottom-left corner due to excess ink but otherwise are all in good condition!

12" Custom Pony Plush Commission

Winston (USA)

This is a commission slot for a handmade, approximately 12 inch (30cm) tall (not including mane) custom pony plush figure. It will be hand-made from minky fabric, the gold standard material for plushmaking, based on the specifications of the buyer. Your original character, or a canon character from the show - the choice is up to you!

Please note that since this is a custom item commission, the buyer should be willing to communicate with the artist in order to discuss what they would like to receive. Creating this item may take some time, likely from one to four weeks.

Ponycon NYC Mascot Plushes

Emily from shipfic.co (USA)

Available only in Brooklyn on Hearts n’ Hooves Day weekend 2015, Ponycon NYC convention mascots Liberty and Cabbie come to you in plush form. Limited to a run of only 500 each, these plush are spec’d at 12” tall, adorably soft and cuddly. Complete with original tags, including tush tag noting 2015 edition. :)

Unopened Hot Topic Maud Pie Funko Vinyl

Perrydotto (Germany)

This is an unopened Maud Pie Funko Vinyl figure, from the original Hot Topic exclusive pre-release. The box has a few very minor blemishes from storage but is otherwise in fine condition, and the figure has never been taken out of the box.

A Digital Bust Commission

Depper (The Internet)

A custom drawing of your OC. Fully shaded, lined, etc. with a detailed background and surroundings. You can choose what happens in the drawing!

Pony Art Commission

Leh (The Internet)

A custom digital commission of a pony!

Past Sins 1st Edition Hardcover (#33 of 937)

Katharine Berry (USA)

A hardcover copy of Pen Stroke’s Past Sins, from the first print run in 2013. Contains a label identifying it as book number 33 of 937. Has small illustrations for each chapter, and some full-colour fan-art at the back. Never actually read.

Pandemic Cleanliness Reminder!

Amandy (USA)

In these trying times, it’s important to remember to wash your hands and keep yourself safe and clean. And what better way to do that than with your favorite ponies to remind you? These stickers are are vinyl, and will stare into your heart to remind you of this hectic year forever as you compulsively wash your hands yet again and stare into the void. They’re all about 3” x 3”.

Miniature YCH Watercolour

Amandy (USA)

Ever want a tiny version of your favorite pony or your OC in a minaturized, watercolor form? Well now you can! This item is a YCH watercolor commission for 1 character of your choice. The example picture shows you what you’d be getting! Each watercolor is hand-painted, and roughly 2.5” x 3” in size. It’s perfect for a tiny frame, or to carry around in your wallet in you have a fancy one. Either way, this watercolor would be one-of-a-kind!

Mane Six TamaPoni acrylic charms

SukiCat (CrescentScript) (Canada)

These 2” acrylic charms feature a pony look-alike to the classic Tamagotchi keychain! The charms are double-boarded and epoxy domed, giving them a polished finish that protects the printed image. Each charm comes with a ball-chain clasp, colored to match its respective pony~!

PonyCon Holland Merch Pack

PonyCon Holland (The Netherlands)

3D Printed merch from the brand new PonyCon Holland convention, running its first iteration in 2021. Includes a facemask clip, 4 PonyCon Holland coins, a Stroopwafeltje fridge magnet, and a Stroopwafeltje figurine.

Excluside Punk Rarity Enamel Pin

Ruef (USA)

An exclusive pin of Punk Rarity scream singing. She is one of only 100 made and sold through Ruef’s pin club. She features dyed purple metal and a clear epoxy coating.

Customized Pony Figure

Compy (USA)

A customized pony figure! Pretty much says it all there, but I’ll be fully customizing a pony figure, that doesn’t have to be the one in the photo, into whatever pony the buyer wants!

Leather PonyFest 2.0 Engraved Flask

Sciggles (USA)

A laser-engraved leather flask featuring Bit Rate and Neural Net!

Steel PonyFest 2.0 Engraved Flask

Sciggles (USA)

A laser-engraved stainless steel flask featuring Bit Rate and Neural Net!

Partial Set of BronyCon "stamps" (7/8)

Gajinka (USA)

Set of BronyCon 2018 “stamps”, only missing stamp number four. Stamps are not good for postage.

Everfree Northwest 2019 Hotel Key

Gajinka (USA)

Everfree Northwest hotel room key from 2019.

2019 BronyCon Stickers

Gajinka (USA)

Full set of Bronycon stickers from 2019.