Abigail Starling

I’m a professional comic illustrator, but in addition to comics I have prints, keychains, buttons, and stationery! I love working in a cute and colorful style, and also offer goods for multiple fandoms in addition to Pony!

Aero Art

Fabulous good for fabulous creatures! We have Charms/Keychains, metal pins, and tin buttons featuring your favorite characters so you can rep your fav with pride.


Swing on by for a little bit of everything! I’m selling stickers, charms, traditional and digital commissions, and hand-painted miniature watercolors of all your favorite ponies! Shipping is free for everything except for charms, so come take advantage of being able to find all the merch I’d be selling at a normal convention!


Hello! My name is Animechristy. I’m known for having a sparkly touch in my work, including my merchandise! I’ll be selling (Holographic) Keychains, Select prints (12 x 18, 11 x 17, 8.5 x 11 and 5 x 7), Stickers, and I’ll be having Ponyfest Online traditional commissions exclusives!

Ardail’s Coffey shop

Prints, wallscrolls, blankets, mousepads, keychains, drinkware


Buttons, Stickers, Badges, and more! Lots of cutie patootie items, for your one-stop cutie market!

Boiler3 & Sweetcream

Art, charms, enamel pins, scarves, dakimakuras, buttons, badges and more!

Choco Pony Tarot & Flags

Selling Flags, Tarot Cards, Pins, Badges, and Pony themed merch and art.

CosmicKeyframe Productions

art prints, shadow boxes, clocks, papercraft, charms

Dawnfire’s Art

Stickers, bookmarks, lanyards, and (for this online con only) tiny, mailable commissions!


fannytastical’s got ya covered for acrylic charms, buttons, dakimakura, apparel, and more!

Fiaura The Tank Girl

Books, Plushies, Prints, Posters, Bottles, Bottlecaps, T-Shirts, Paintings, Collectables, Scarves, Dakimakura

Hibiscus Stitch

I make Handmade Plushies and cute buttons. Each plush is lovingly crafted with unique patterns I designed myself with multiple price points to make sure I have something for everyone!




LunarShine is your #1 retailer for fandom plushies, TSSSF cards, art books, pillowcases, wall scrolls, and so much more!


Howdy! I am offering custom-pressed buttons from a variety of designs; mini poster prints of various sizes; and custom traditional commissions. Or, grab a Mystery Package that may include tote bags, pencil pouches, and more!

My Little Ties

Ties, bow ties, lapel pins, keychains, necklaces, flasks, shot glasses, dog tags, bottle openers, omamori (japanese good luck charms), LED glowing badges, lots of other stuff

Plush by Anto

Minature Pony Beanies


Showing my love for cute and colorful characters through my art!

Ruef n’Beeb

We sell a variety of goodies from Dakis, Drawstring bags and T-shirts to Enamel pins, lanyards and a ton of other stuff! Stop by and take a look!

Screwy Embroidery

Custom and premade embroidery and luggage/ key tags

Sky Railroad

MLP Card game named prance. It’s like Egyptian Rat Screw, but better, also flags, daki, and other trinkets!

Sophie Scruggs

Hi guys! I sell MLP themed enamel pins, shirts, hoodies, stickers, pillows, and more.

Taurson’s Cafe

I am a person who draws the cutest of arts that range of stickers, keychains, and buttons, along with doing traditional commissions as well, whether it be sketches, lineart, color or badges.


Hey I’m Techy! I sell a large assortment of cute pony keychains as well as buttons and body pillows.

The Chimera’s Den

Art prints, badges, physical commissions!

Traveling Pony Museum

The Traveling Pony Museum supports a collection of artists from around the world and has since 2012. Our shop has a little of everything and sales benefit the original artists! Minky soft artwork blankets, stickers and keychains, squishy cute mousepads, hardcover fanfiction books, over 40 designs freshly pressed onto your choosing of size & color T-shirt or bag, and more! We pack every order with a free sticker (except Media Mail book orders, sorry - blame USPS rules!).

Twisted Sketch Productions

Hi there, Twisted Sketch here! Convention artist doing art of multicolored ponies for nearly 10 years now. I sell commissions, tshirts, badges, stickers, decals, jewelry, buttons, pins, ect

Viw’s Art

Selling blankets, puzzles, woodcuts & prints. Also digital commissions