Opening Ceremonies


Join us as we officially inaugurate the first-ever PonyFest Online!

Artist Showcase

See a collection of artists showing their wares before the con gets rolling!

Copious Continunity!

Silver Quill

Why do fireworks suddenly appear every time Silver Quill says “Continuity!” Join the habitual hippogriff for a look at the idea of continuity and how it influences our enjoyment of art, storytelling, and even history.

Keeping Friendship Magic: The End is the Beginning

Forward Progress

With the series having come to a close and conventions having to postpone, it can be hard to think where the future of our community will go. Combining real world social science with examples from the show, Keeping Friendship Magic will explore how we face the end of that which we love and how we can come together to continue to have a strong tomorrow.

Let’s build an MLP Lunchbox guitar!


Have you ever wanted to make music? Have you ever thought building your own instrument was just too hard? Well let Dusty teach you a thing or two!

Drawing Tips & Tricks


Draw better. An interactive panel on how to make art, stages of drawing, and art & fear.

Jackbox with the Gang!

ACRacebest, Saberspark, and friends

It’s time to goof off! Join in on the fun as ACRacebest, Saberspark, and their friends get together to play JackBox with you, the audience, helping determine who has the best answers!

Convention History - From WorldCon to BronyCon


Learn the 80 year history of fan and pop culture conventions from WorldCon to San Diego Comic Con to furry cons, anime cons, Star Trek cons, and even brony cons. A chapter by chapter look of the Convention History book draft.

Riffing Rainbow!


Horrible fan-fiction, horrible people - but a horribly good time! Join the RiffPonies crew as they take you on a journey through some of the worst pieces of My Little Pony fan-fiction ever conceived!

Peter New Power Hour!

Peter New

Join Peter New, voice of Big McIntosh, for an hour of… himself!

How to Con - Behind the Scenes of Making Cons Work

Dexanth, Shir Goldbird, Simul, TekCharlie, Tyler Gray

A panel of convention organizers featuring Simul of EFNW, Shir of BronyCon, Tyler of HarmonyCon, and TekCharlie of WCPC/PVCF discuss the ins and outs of how to create a con from the ground up and how to keep them working in an evolving fandom.

IDW Artists Extravaganza

Tony Fleecs, Trish Forstner, Katie Cook, Silver Quill

Come hang out with Tony Fleecs and other members of the IDW gang! Enjoy an hour of chill fun with some of the awesome talent behind the MLP comics.

Sketches From a Hat

Viwrastupr, bobdude0, Dawnfire, Silfoe, Lilfunkman, Foal Papers, Dexanth

The classic improv game turned art panel, Sketches From a Hat is at PonyFest Online! Suggest a sketch or scene you’d like to see drawn, drop it into our digital “hat”, and our panel of experienced horse artists will do their best to speed draw as many as they can! Featuring bobdude0, Dawnfire, viwrastupr, ncmares, and more!

Big Jim’s Big Panel

Jim Miller, Foal Papers

Join ‘Big Jim’ Miller as he shares insights into his 10+ years helping to make MLP:FiM, and relates the lessons he learned along the way. He’ll also be taking some of your questions, so bring your very best!